Steven Hylands is a freelance UX designer on a mission to help fix earth's climate

He writes about personal development & how to have a positive impact on the world:
  • My Year in Review – 2019
  • My Climate Guilt — Air Travel
  • Can Indie Makers Help Fix the Climate?
Steven Hylands

Who is Steven Hylands?

Steven is a designer by trade but has spent most of the last decade wearing many hats as a co-founder of tech startups like Yomo, PiggyPot, Rumble Labs, Nuu and Onotate. Working with startups has helped Steven gain a breadth of knowledge across UX/UI design, design thinking, product strategy, growth marketing, and front-end development.

Currently, he’s trying to help prevent earth's climate from breaking down with Impact Makers, launching AirCare, The Climate Fixathon and ClimateChoice in the process.