This is Steven Hylands 👉👇

He's an inquisitive designer questioning why things are the way they are.

Steven has a design background, however these days he dabbles in a bit of everything. For the past decade he's predominantly been working with tech startups and loves everything about the rollercoaster ride that is starting up. Failures and all. You see, Steven doesn’t mind failing. While at the time he doesn't feel great about it, he recognises, that with each failure he learns something new, becoming better prepared for the challenges ahead.

He’s been failing in tech for nearly 20 years now. No really! He’s not making it up, check out all these things he’s started and put on the internet that haven’t worked out…

2015 -

Most recently he started working in fintech when he co-founded PiggyPot and Yomo.

He has realised fintech is hard, but that hasn’t broken his resolve. He's currently working on Yomo 2.0, launching mid 2019 – stay tuned!

2009 - 2015

He co-founded app development studio Rumble Labs, and had a great time playing Table Tennis before it went under.

During its 6 years he discovered maintaining enough client work to pay the bills was tricky, and that launching products was even harder.

2004 - 2008

He went to university but dropped out when he failed to manage a degree, copious amounts of freelance work (and partying).

This one was all on him, but he doesn’t regret it since one of those freelance projects led to him meeting his Rumble business partner @hamstarr. Who needs a degree to work on the internet anyway.😛

1999 - 2004

He got a 56k modem, started several e-Wrestling federations, and somehow none of them exploded in the dotcom bubble!

He has determined that it was too early for e-Wrestling to explode. Someday, when mind controlled robot wrestling is possible he might try again.

  • MWM

    Millennial Wrestling Massacre
  • GWA

    Galactic Wrestling Alliance

On July 30th 2018, Steven launched a blog and a newsletter via an accountability experiment called Checkmates.

He recommends subscribing or checking in every once in a while to see how badly he’s failing at those too.

Miscellaneous neat facts about Steven Hylands
  • Some of his friends call him Shylands.
  • When he was 16, he got the tip of his left index finger cut off in a door hinge.
  • He used to capture landscape photos and shoot video promos.
  • He’s a shareholder in Rotor, a simple new way to make your own music video.
  • Recently he moved from Belfast to Cologne, Germany.